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Book Binding Services

Full-Service Book Binding Operations

If you’re self-publishing a book, choosing a book binding method is one decision you’ll need to make. Different types of book binding offer different benefits. You’ll want to understand them, so you can choose the right one for your book.

At 48 Hour Books, we have in-house bindery operations where we produce four different book binding types:

Hardcover Icon

Case Bound

Softcover Icon

Perfect Bound

Spiral Coil Icon

Spiral Coil

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When self-publishing a book, you want to consider your options for a book binding service. 48 Hour Books offers a variety of book binding techniques, from hardcover, case bound to perfect bound, softcover versions, as well as spiral binding and saddle stitched.

Book Binding

Book Binding Operations

We do all of our binding in-house. This way, we control the quality, and it allows us to print quicker than those who send out for binding.

We print and bind your book exactly the way you want it, in the quantity you prefer.

Our staff is skilled at book binding, using the latest technology in book binding equipment. Our capabilities include:

  • Several high-capacity perfect binders for softcover books
  • State-of-the-art case binding equipment for hardcover books
  • Several high-speed punches for spiral coil binding
Book Binding

Book Binding Options

Different types of binding offer different benefits. The one you choose for your book can depend on a variety of factors.

casebound book

Case Bound (Hardcover)

Case bound books, also called hardcover books, are beautiful and classic. They’re perfect for:

  • coffee table books
  • family history books
  • photo or art books
  • reference books or encylopedias
  • textbooks
  • yearbooks
  • children's books

Hardcover books are produced by using adhesive to hold the pages to heavy, wrap-resistant board. At 48 Hour Books, we use PUR adhesive, the strongest available for book binding. Our team handles some of the hardcover bindery process by hand, such as adding cloth head and tail bands and hand wiping each book to ensure a flawless finish.

We print our standard hardcover books in full-color and laminate them for protection. We also offer book covers in cloth, leather and leatherette options. Hardcover books can be paired with a dust jacket to protect the cover and add visual interest. Both hardcovers and dust jackets can be printed with our Diamond 3D cover options, such as foil, clear gloss or texture.

perfect bound book

Perfect Bound (Softcover)

Perfect binding is the most popular book binding method. Softcover, or paperback, books are easy to transport and more cost-effective to print than hardcover books. They're a common binding type for many book types, including:

  • novels
  • memoirs
  • general fiction books
  • biographies
  • poetry books
  • joke books
  • travel books
  • children's books

At 48 Hour Books, we use PUR adhesive on the spine to hold the pages together. Our binders and bindery team ensure your books will be durable and attractive. The ability to add our Diamond 3D enhancements makes your book stand out.

spiral bound book

Spiral Bound

Spiral coil binding provides a flexible, portable book at an economical price. Spiral Binding is ideal for:

  • cookbooks
  • workbooks
  • journals
  • daily planners
  • booklets

At 48 Hour Books, our durable plastic spiral binding is available in a variety of vibrant color options to match your book cover design. Our spiral binding book covers are softcover or leatherette and can be enhanced with any of our Diamond 3D cover effects.

saddle stitched book

Saddle Stitch

Saddle-stitching is a cost-effective method for books with low page counts. Saddle-stitching uses staples on the spine of the book. It’s easy to carry, which can be the perfect choice for:

  • pamphlets
  • brochures
  • short children’s books

At 48 Hour Books, our saddle-stitched books can be printed with our Diamond 3D covers. You’ll have an attractive eye-catching book at a lower cost than other printing methods.

Check out the helpful video below to see our different binding types.

Interested in book printing and binding services?

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