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Ordering a Single Copy of Your Book: Printed Proofs

When you print with 48 Hour Books, you can rest assured that you will be delivered a high-quality product. To make sure you are completely satisfied with the outcome of your book order, we can print a single copy of your book to view and approve.

We like to think of it as “book insurance.”

When you place an order and upload your files, our pre-press technicians will upload a PDF proof of your inside pages and cover for you to approve before your books go to print. However, if you would like to see a physical copy of your book before approval, we can overnight ship a single book for you to view and approve before your full run of books goes to print. This is called a printed proof.

You can request a printed proof for $40 when you place an order. You must approve your PDF proof before your printed proof is printed and shipped.

In order for your printed proof to arrive the next business day*, you must approve your PDF proof by 2 pm EST for paperback books.

Printed proofs for coil-bound books must be approved by 2 pm EST and ship the next business day*. Hardcover books also need approved by 2 pm EST and ship in 2 business days*.

If you have anything that needs to be fixed after receiving your printed proof, let us know and we will prepare another PDF proof for you to view and approve before we print your full order of books.

*Add-ons such as Diamond 3D or foil stamping will add production time to your printed proof (3-5 business days).
Contact us for help timing your order with a printed proof!

The Benefits of a Printed Proof:

We recommend ordering a printed proof for a few reasons:

Icon Color

Color matching:

A printed proof will allow you to see the precise colors on your book cover and inside pages before your full order prints.

color comparison

The color you see on your screen will not be 100% representative of how the color will print. Because they are backlit, screens tend to make colors appear brighter than they will be in a printed product. Screens also display colors in RGB, while the colorspace will change to CMYK to be printed. If you have a lot of color photos in your book, or “critical color” on your cover that needs to be matched perfectly, the only way to truly check this would be to order the single book before your order prints. If you have concerns about the color not printing to your liking, viewing a printed proof will help us correct the files before your books go to print. With digital printing, color variation can occur, so this added step will save you anxiety - and money!

Icon Printed Proof


It’s easier to find mistakes on a printed book versus a PDF. Most of our customers have no problem reviewing their PDF proofs and giving them the final once-over. However, many authors prefer to conduct their final proofread by having a physical book in their hands. Adding a printed proof to your order can help spot those last-minute typos and miscellaneous errors.

For tips on how to review your proofs, check out our proofreading instructions.

Icon Fast Book

Peace of mind:

Think of your printed proof as “book insurance.”

author holding book by waterfall

It’s much better to find mistakes in one single book than to find them in your full order. Taking the extra step to order a printed proof will give you the confidence to approve your order and feel even more excited about their arrival. We highly recommend printed proofs for first-time authors.

When you are ready to print your books, you need a trusted partner. 48 Hour Books is here to help guide you through the process or printing and self-publishing.

Experience the magic of seeing your book in print:

Need Support?

Contact us — we are happy to help.