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How to Print Planners and Bullet Journals

Custom Planner and Bullet Journal Printing

Custom planners and bullet journals are steadily gaining popularity. A quick check of Pinterest reveals thousands of ideas, images and tips.

If you want to design and print your own custom planner or bullet journal, there are several good reasons to choose 48 Hour Books as your printer. In addition to print quality, speed, and responsiveness of our team, you have access to cover design assistance and can choose from a variety of binding techniques.

Looking for custom planner printing or a partner for your printable bullet journal? You need 48 Hour Books.

Custom Planners and Guided Journals

Coil bound journal laying open

If you have an idea for a custom planner or guided journal and are motivated to create one for sharing, selling, or personal use, the options are endless.

Guided journals usually include prompts, snippets of information, activities and more to help participants achieve goals and think creatively. They can track food, fitness, finances, emotions, health and more.

Part functional daily planner and part tool for mapping and meeting goals, guided planners also can include illustrations, quotes and other motivational methods.

Some custom planners are simply a calendar with areas for personal notations or include illustrations.

Coil bound journal laying open

With custom planner design, you can decide what works for you and share with others.

Printable Bullet Journals (BuJo)

Coil bound Journal

Bullet journaling is a planner, diary, and mindfulness tool all in one. Designed to improve productivity, help with organization and enable an outlet for creativity, bullet journals allow the user to customize the experience to fit their goals.

The bullet journal typically uses a series of symbols to track pieces of information. A key at the start of the journal explains the symbols and what they mean: task, event, completed task etc. (Such as: ‘•’ means tasks incomplete, ‘!’ means great idea, etc.)

Bullet journals often feature a monthly log, which is a two-page spread that includes a calendar and a task list of things to address that month. Often a year-at-a-glance calendar is added as well and referred to as a “future log,” for planning major events and for noting birthdays and vacation plans.

Coil bound journal

Bullet journals offer a high level of personalization, so the user can create exactly what they want, add their own designs to compliment each section, and keep their thoughts, daily activities and goals in an organized manner.

Planner and Bullet Journal FAQs

A If you are wondering, "how do I print a planner?" or "how do I print a bullet journal?", talk to the 48 Hour Books customer service team. We can answer all of your questions. We’re always prepared to help self-publishing authors make their dream to print a reality.

If you’re looking for a planner printer or bullet journal printer, we have what you need. 48 Hour Books can print your planner or journal in large or small quantities (as few as 10 copies).

The printing process is fairly simple: Submit your files online by visiting our order page, fill out your specifications, and place your order.

A Your planner or journal can be either color or black and white. Both options have their appeal. Black and white is more economical, and it also allows the user to add their own color, enhancing the creativity factor.

With black and white, you can still add designs and illustrations throughout (or even a ghosted image in the background with fine lines over top, for writing).

A For planner printing or bullet journal printing, 48 Hour Books’ standard 60 lb. paper works well. If you intend for users to write in the book, we recommend printing on an uncoated stock.

For instances where you think your user will want to use markers to write, we recommend a thicker stock (70 lb. or 80 lb.). Just make sure that the thicker stock won’t make your planner or journal too bulky. It needs to be portable, flexible, and practical for writing purposes.

48 Hour Books offers printed proofs, which we recommend adding to your order for planners and bullet journals. With a printed proof, you can see the finished product before your full run of books print. You can practice writing on the pages to ensure it will work exactly as planned.

Learn more about our available paper types

A 48 Hour Books can print your planner or journal using perfect binding (paperback) or spiral coil binding. Hardcover binding also is an option, if you want the planner or journal to be more of a keepsake.

With spiral coil binding, 48 Hour Books can add tabs to divide sections in your planner, such as months.

A Once your planner pages or bullet journal pages are ready to print, you should consider your cover.

48 Hour Books has in-house designer assistance for help with cover design for planners or bullet journals. In addition, our Diamond 3D print techniques are a great way to highlight your cover. Diamond 3D is a shiny, raised texture that makes your planner or bullet journal stand out and look beautiful on a desk or table.

Check out this sneak preview of a custom journal that we printed recently at 48 Hour Books!

Why is 48 Hour Books the Best Choice?

48 Hour Books is the best choice for custom planner and bullet journal printing. If you want to print a planner or print a bullet journal, 48 Hour Books is your partner. We can print smaller quantities, quickly, and you’ll get a bookstore-quality product.

We offer high-quality planner printing and binding and bullet journal printing and binding, with many options to personalize your finished product.

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