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How to Make a Book: Our Ultimate Guide for Creating and Self-Publishing a Book

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Want to learn how to make your own book? Come to the book publishing experts! At 48 Hour Books, we offer a wide variety of education and information on the entire publishing process, whether you’re writing, formatting, printing, or publishing your book.

So, how do you make a book?

We’ve collected some of our best tips and advice on how to make a book, so you can dive deep into each aspect of the process. Below you’ll find in-depth guides for each step. We answer your questions, share insider knowledge, and help you prepare to create the best book you can make.

First Step to Create Your Own Book

Start at the beginning! No matter what type of book you’re writing, you’ll find helpful advice for the writing process.

Genres: What to know when writing your book

Learn about specific genres and how to write and format your book for each genre and its audience.

Tips for becoming a better writer

Bust some writing myths and learn how to become a better writer.


Formatting a Book

One important step in making a book is formatting. We break down the terms and show you how the formatting process works (and why it’s important).

Book formatting services and tools for self-publishers

The interior of your book is just as important as the cover. Learn about book formatting and get our free book templates.

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What is a gutter? And other terms self publishers need to know

Learn book formatting and typesetting terms to help you format your book confidently.

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Editing a Book

You can never have too much editing. Whether you’re editing your book yourself, counting on a friend, or hiring a professional, get tips and advice for effective book editing.

How to Proofread: Tips & tricks for effective proofreading

Learn effective proofreading tips for catching mistakes and typos.

Resources for editing a book

Connect with professional editors and other resources for editing your book.

Icon Barcode

Registering a Book

How do you retain the rights to your work? What does ISBN stand for? Do you need a barcode? We’ll show you how to register your book and copyright its contents.

How to copyright a book (and why it’s a good idea)

Learn the whys and hows of copyrighting a book.

How to get an ISBN for your books

Learn what an ISBN is, how to get one, and why you need it. Plus, barcodes and what they’re used for.

Watch us make a book at 48 Hour Books!

Book Design

Let’s be honest: We all still judge a book by its cover. But that can work to your advantage when you learn the secrets of book design.

Icon Book Design Resources

Book design resources for self-publishers

Open your file and click the File menu, then click Save As and choose PDF. Choose ‘High Quality Print’ in your conversion settings.

Icon Design

Design principles for a standout book cover

Tips on book cover design, using graphic design principles, for a book cover that looks professionally made.

Icon Custom Cover

Custom cover design options

Download free custom cover design templates or hire one of our specialists to help you create the perfect one-of-a-kind book cover.

Icon Book Design Resources

Publishing a book

What is self-publishing — and how is it different from traditional publishing? We’ll go in-depth on the topic with our publishing guides.

Self-publishing: What you need to know

Everything for the self-publisher, from how-to advice to tips on the self-publishing process.

Self-publishing vs traditional publishing: Which is best?

Learn the pros and cons of each publishing method so you can choose the best technique for your book.


Marketing and promotion

Making a book is one thing — getting it to readers is another. Learn why marketing is one of the most important steps in publishing your book and how to do it.

Out-of-the-box marketing ideas for self-published authors

Get creative ideas for marketing your self-published book so you can make more sales and win over readers.

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How to market your self-published book on a budget

Get practical, low-budget ways to promote your self-published book before and after launch day.

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